First Step

Accept your job offer from your new employer

After searching for job offers or receiving scout mails from  employers


Second Step

Log in to and persist Employment Reward through “Persist Rewards”

» Update the status of application to “Accepted.”

» Clock the “Persist” form.

» Complete the Reward persist form.


Third Step

After your new employer confirms that you have been working with them for 90 days

your employment reward will be sent to where you persist in the form.



Notes: Employment Reward will not be paid in the case the job seeker retire or resigned within 90 days from the joining date.

The way to pay employment rewards will be determined by Any handling fees or expenses incurred will be responsibility of the job seeker.

Employment reward will be calculated based on a yearly salary agreed to by the employer and

this is not always the same as yearly salary the job seeker actually receives