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Privacy Policy

We think it is our social responsibility to handle personal information in an appropriate manner. To this aim, we have implemented and executed the following procedures.


Collection, use and disclosure of Personal information
Your privacy is important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities. We respect your right to keep your personal information confidential and understand your desire to avoid unwanted solicitations. We hope that by taking a few minutes to read it, you will have a better understanding of what we do with the information you provide us and how we keep it private and secure.

We only collect, use and disclose personal information pertaining to the scope of our business and we will not handle personal information beyond this. We must obtain prior consent from users for using their information beyond the said circumstances.



Laws & regulations and policies for Personal information
We will respect the integrity of laws and regulations and policies regarding personal information.



Safety controls of personal information
We implement and execute reasonable protections and corrective measures of personal information if there is unauthorized access to personal information, or unauthorized disclosure of personal information, or unlawful loss, destruction, or modification of personal information.



Complaint and/or consultation made for Personal information
We will take immediate action when a user makes complaint and/or consultation regarding personal information.



Our personal information protection management system
We continue to review and improve the privacy protection policies to protect personal information in a timely and professional manner.